[Healeys] Bonnet Striker Pin Assembly - Follow-up

Linwood Rose linwoodrose at mac.com
Mon Nov 18 16:16:43 MST 2019

Just a word of thanks to those who responded to my appeal for tips to install the striker pin assembly for the bonnet. I appreciate all responses but especially wanted to thank Roland Wilhelmy for reminding me about Roger Moment's article entitled "trial-fitting Individual Parts." Roger's suggestions about how to install the pin assembly are detailed and offer warnings on what to do to avoid problems.

Kent Lacy suggested "covering the striker hole with tape. Run your finger around the taped hole until it’s visible. Put a drop of paint on the tip of the striker and close the bonnet slowly until the paint drop is in the center of the hole on the tape. Replace tape each time it’s not correct. Trust me you want it to work the first time." I did this and found this to be a great tip.   The photo shows my first attempt, but I was then able to easily adjust the position of the pin to get it centered. The unlocking mechanism then worked perfectly on the first attempt. Thank you, Kent!

Healy Rick suggested doing basically the same thing by getting under the car and looking up to see if the tip of the striker pin was in the center of the retaining plate, but while this would certainly work, the tape was very easy and probably more precise.

Thanks to all,

Lin Rose
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