[Healeys] Bonnet striker pin assembly

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I cannot suggest the best way of fitting but be very careful. It is easy to
get the bonnet/hood stuck in the closed position and there is no easy way
to get under the bonnet to release it if gets jammed. I had to use a little
brute force to release mine and then touch up the paint.

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> I mounted my bonnet after a total disassembly and then restoration of my
> car a little more than ten years ago. I recall that getting things aligned
> properly was a bit fiddly. I am now installing a different bonnet (long
> story) and my photos, indexing holes and etc. are only somewhat helpful
> since the “new” bonnet doesn’t have the indexing holes and the alignment is
> a little different.
> I have the bonnet secured to the hinges and it seems to be fitting pretty
> well side-to-side and front-to-back. Of course, the front is a little low
> since the striker assembly is not yet mounted. Can anyone who has been
> through this offer any tips or suggestions on how to best proceed?
> Alternatively, pointing me to a reference on this subject would be great.
> There sure isn’t much of anything in the shop manual about it.
> Thanks as always!
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