[Healeys] Bonnet striker pin assembly

Linwood Rose linwoodrose at mac.com
Fri Nov 15 17:24:42 MST 2019

I mounted my bonnet after a total disassembly and then restoration of my car a little more than ten years ago. I recall that getting things aligned properly was a bit fiddly. I am now installing a different bonnet (long story) and my photos, indexing holes and etc. are only somewhat helpful since the “new” bonnet doesn’t have the indexing holes and the alignment is a little different.

I have the bonnet secured to the hinges and it seems to be fitting pretty well side-to-side and front-to-back. Of course, the front is a little low since the striker assembly is not yet mounted. Can anyone who has been through this offer any tips or suggestions on how to best proceed? Alternatively, pointing me to a reference on this subject would be great. There sure isn’t much of anything in the shop manual about it.

Thanks as always!

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