[Healeys] Orientation of the fuel sending unit

Perry healeyguy at aol.com
Mon Nov 11 10:55:24 MST 2019

Interesting.  It would make sense that the float would be oriented so that its over the deeper section of the gas tank sump but the sump has a very small capacity, about a third of a gallon.  Also with the geometry of the float drop and swing compared to the mounting flange in the top of the tank, it would appear that the float never gets to the deepest part of the sump anyway before hitting the bottom of the tank. At that point the sender will tell the gauge that the tank is empty. 
No conclusion to this issue but had fun looking into stinky old tanks this morning. 

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From: Robert Begani
Subject: [Healeys] Orientation of the fuel sending unit
Listeners, please advise the orientation of the fuel sending unit float.  To front or rear?
Bob Begani
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