[Healeys] Clip for Capillary AHB5397

richard mayor boyracer466 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 3 10:42:30 MST 2019

The "clip" shown in the photo is something you can fab up yourself. The
lower hole is the size of the manifold stud.  The top hole is where the
real clip, the clip that actually holds the capillary tube, fits into.  It
is smaller than the stud hole. Can't tell you precisely here, but the size
is critical to hold the small clip securely.  The clip I am referring to is
very similar to the clip that holds the slave cylinder clutch hydraulic
line to the right side footwell, in the vertical position.

On Sun, Nov 3, 2019 at 9:14 AM Harold Manifold <manifold at telus.net> wrote:

> Hello,
> My car was missing the clips to support the water temperature gauge
> capillary pipe part number AHB5397. It looks like the design was changed
> sometime during the Mk II production or later. My car is a Mk I. The part I
> am looking for is No. 25 on the attached PDF. It is not available from the
> "usual suspects" on either sides of the pond.
> Does anyone know a source? I can make the part but would like to have a
> sketch to work from. I am fine with used parts in reasonable shape as well.
> Any assistance is appreciated.
> Harold
> 1960 BT7 Mk1
> PS - A significant contributor to over heating when slowing down after a
> long drive is the lower water flow generated by the water pump. Lets face
> it the the AH cooling system is marginal and there is no magic solution.
> Best practise says use a water and antifreeze mixture, make sure there are
> no restrictions in the radiator (tubes starting to plug), drill a 1/16"
> hole in the thermostat to help eliminate any trapped air, add a coolant
> overflow with the right cap to maximize water in the system, use a 5 or 6
> blade fan and keep all of the shrouding in place.
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