[Healeys] Balky Starter on BN2

Michael Oritt michael.oritt at gmail.com
Tue May 21 19:38:03 MDT 2019

Or perhaps there was some slight misalignment causing the pinion to jam
ever-so-slightly against the ring gear which was corrected when you
reinstalled the starter.

Best--Michael Oritt

On Tue, May 21, 2019 at 7:20 PM Bob Spidell <bspidell at comcast.net> wrote:

> A while back, I posted a question to the List about the lame starter in
> my BN2 (thanks for all the suggestions guys).  I tried various types of
> jumping the starting system and checking connections and still the
> starter wouldn't turn the engine over even one full turn.  I finally
> pulled the starter and took it to a local shop; they opened it up and
> inspected it and said the starter was in great shape, except from some
> discoloration on the insulation of the field coils, which had obviously
> gotten hot due to all the balked starting attempts.  They reassembled
> the starter and gave it back (no charge ;).  So, I pulled the plugs to
> check mixture and adjust the valves, put the plugs back in and gave it a
> crank just for grins, not expecting any change.  Lo and behold, it
> cranked just fine--for a 100--and fired on the third or fourth crank
> (had been sitting for a while).  Nothing had been significantly changed,
> though when I last installed the starter I had used grade 8 flat washers
> under grade 8 split washers, and when I installed the starter this time
> I decided the flat washers were unnecessary--the holes are 'right sized'
> for the bolts--and left them out.  That is the only thing I changed
> (except for adjusting the valve lash).  I can only surmise there was
> enough resistance from the flat washers and the fairly thick coats of
> paint on both the starter and the engine plate to impede current flow to
> ground.  The split washers apparently dug through the layers of paint
> and established a good ground.
> Thought I'd pass this along.
> Bob
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