[Healeys] Balky Starter on BN2

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Tue May 21 17:20:01 MDT 2019

A while back, I posted a question to the List about the lame starter in 
my BN2 (thanks for all the suggestions guys).  I tried various types of 
jumping the starting system and checking connections and still the 
starter wouldn't turn the engine over even one full turn.  I finally 
pulled the starter and took it to a local shop; they opened it up and 
inspected it and said the starter was in great shape, except from some 
discoloration on the insulation of the field coils, which had obviously 
gotten hot due to all the balked starting attempts.  They reassembled 
the starter and gave it back (no charge ;).  So, I pulled the plugs to 
check mixture and adjust the valves, put the plugs back in and gave it a 
crank just for grins, not expecting any change.  Lo and behold, it 
cranked just fine--for a 100--and fired on the third or fourth crank 
(had been sitting for a while).  Nothing had been significantly changed, 
though when I last installed the starter I had used grade 8 flat washers 
under grade 8 split washers, and when I installed the starter this time 
I decided the flat washers were unnecessary--the holes are 'right sized' 
for the bolts--and left them out.  That is the only thing I changed 
(except for adjusting the valve lash).  I can only surmise there was 
enough resistance from the flat washers and the fairly thick coats of 
paint on both the starter and the engine plate to impede current flow to 
ground.  The split washers apparently dug through the layers of paint 
and established a good ground.

Thought I'd pass this along.


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