[Healeys] Simple camber adjustment fix?

Michael Salter michael.salter at gmail.com
Mon May 13 01:56:30 MDT 2019

I'm sure that would work to some extent Bob but as you would effectively be
raising the pivot point of the upper arm rather than moving it inward the
actual change would be rather slight and would change the geometry and
probably result in an undesirable camber change throughout the suspension
I would be more inclined to thoroughly investigate the real problem and try
to correct that.
One important "datum" point is that the shock mounting surfaces should be
level with each other and a specific distance apart which, with the shocks
removed, is easily checked with a level and straight edge.
My bet is that you will find that one or both of yours slope outward, often
caused by drifting into a kerb(s).
We used to have a 6' length of 2" pipe welded to a plate which could be
bolted to the shock mount (it also had a hook which engaged under the
flange of the X member) and we used this primative device to bend the the X
member to the correct position.
If the shock plates were too close together we could use a jack to move the
offending plate outward but of course the engine had to be removed for that.
It was amazing effective.


On Mon, May 13, 2019, 6:54 AM Bob Spidell, <bspidell at comcast.net> wrote:

> My BJ8 has had what I feel is excessive pos. camber--2-3deg--since new
> (AFAIK), even with offset trunnion bushings 'maxed out.'  Now that I can
> TIG weld with a bit of competence, I've considered adjustable shock
> plates but, while browsing the shelves at Harbor Freight the other day I
> noticed a box of alignment shims.  These are roughly U-shaped and come
> in assorted thicknesses (yeah, I know, they've been around forever).
> Anyway, I got to thinking if I put shims under the outer ears on the
> front shocks that would tilt the shocks back and remove some or all of
> the pos. camber.  My concern is, would this put undue stress on the
> ears--where the bolts go--on the shocks, possibly causing them to break
> and mayhem to ensue?  Anybody done this?
> https://www.harborfreight.com/catalogsearch/result/index/?dir=asc&order=EAScore%2Cf%2CEAFeatured+Weight%2Cf%2CSale+Rank%2Cf&q=alignment+shims
> Bob
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