[Healeys] Simple camber adjustment fix?

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While running a rallye in my BJ8 in 2002, I had the misfortune of hitting an unexpected pothole which caused the left front shock to tear away from its mount on three sides.  The mount had already been weakened by too many years (pre-Allen Hendrix) of driving with out-of-balance tires that cracked the mount in multiple places under the shock.  Those cracks had been repaired by welding up the cracks.

The damage from the pothole was repaired -- not a really pretty repair, since the shock now has those U-shaped shims under the outboard bolt holes.  However, the alignment is spot-on (judging from the handling and no excessive wear on the tires), and nothing has happened to the shock ears in almost 70,000 miles since then.

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My BJ8 has had what I feel is excessive pos. camber--2-3deg--since new 
(AFAIK), even with offset trunnion bushings 'maxed out.'  Now that I can 
TIG weld with a bit of competence, I've considered adjustable shock 
plates but, while browsing the shelves at Harbor Freight the other day I 
noticed a box of alignment shims.  These are roughly U-shaped and come 
in assorted thicknesses (yeah, I know, they've been around forever). 
Anyway, I got to thinking if I put shims under the outer ears on the 
front shocks that would tilt the shocks back and remove some or all of 
the pos. camber.  My concern is, would this put undue stress on the 
ears--where the bolts go--on the shocks, possibly causing them to break 
and mayhem to ensue?  Anybody done this?



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