[Healeys] Last Wednesday's Rant

Michael MacLean rrengineer.mike at att.net
Sun Dec 15 14:53:58 MST 2019

     OK, shims in the right place now.  At least on the left side so far.  Once I finally got it through my thick skull how this thing goes together it only took a dozen different combinations of shims to get it right.  Turns easily with no lateral play.  I had .030, .020, .010, .005 and .003 shims, at least three of each.  I mixed them up so many times last night I don't even remember what the stack consists of right now.  I will measure them with the calipers when I take it apart again to grease the bearings and install the oil seal for the final assembly.  The only saving grace to all of this is I don't think I will need to replace the rotor in my lifetime as the car will be lucky to get a thousand miles a year.  When you have a Harley, a Bugeye and a BN2 you can only drive one at a time.  This tends to limit the mileage in any one vehicle.  If the rotor needs turning for a brake job I will be sure to find someone that can turn it in place on the car.
     Now the complaint part of this email.  I bought all the correct shims from Moss.  The problem is some of them had an inner diameter that was too small to fit on the stub axle.  I checked the catalog numbers on their little zip lock bags against the numbers on Moss's web site.  They were all a match for all models other than the BJ8.  Great quality control.  Because of this I had to order more shims from Moss to do the right side of the car.  I can only hope against all hope the shims come in with the correct inner diameter.  Wish me luck.Mike MacLean
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