[Healeys] DWM Uprated Steering Box

Ron Fine ronfineesq at earthlink.net
Thu Dec 12 12:16:19 MST 2019

Hi Bob,

I purchased a new DWM steering box earlier this year and communicated with 
you about my complaints.  In my opinion, the replaced new box is still not 
working correctly and I am not happy but not willing to spend more time on 
it right now.

I would suggest to you that the scratches might be from someone earlier 
removing that box by twisting it as they pulled it out the front of the car. 
There are two metal plates on the firewall and a metal bracket and clamp 
behind the dash, that if not removed first, might have scratched the tube.

Good Luck with your replacement.  I am happy to offer suggestions from my 
experience from removing and replacing this part multiple times over the 

Ron Fine
ronfineesq at earthlink.net

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Subject: [Healeys] DWM Uprated Steering Box

I've got one sitting on the bench (it's too cold, I'm intimidated by
R&Ring the grill, the trafficator is a PITA, blah, blah, blah). I know
one Lister has installed one--sorry, can't remember who off the
top-of-my-head--but for all that have seen these I have a question: the
'tube' the steering shaft goes through has a bunch of fairly deep
scratches on it, has anyone else seen this?  These are scratches in the
metal that have been painted over; they look to be machining scratches
as they run the length of the tube, though not continuously, and are
slightly spiral shaped (I'll get a photo tomorrow if anyone is
curious).  They don't bother me, as they won't be seen, but I have to
wonder how they got there.

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