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If the timing light you recently purchased is a "dial back to zero type" then this is the procedure I use:
Make sure there is a clearly visible mark at zero (0), I.E. TDC (top dead center) on the harmonic balancer. Make sure you can identify it when the engine is running & not get it confused with the one you put on at 15 degrees BTDC. 
Disconnect the vacuum advance tube from the distributor & start the engine. Have someone bring the engine up to about 3500RPM. This RPM should assure that the distributor is at the full mechanical advance. Turn the dial on the timing light until the TDC mark on the damper aligns with the pointer on the engine. Read the number of degrees advanced on the dial of the timing light. I usually set mine at or near 32 degrees full advance. Rotate the distributor to achieve the full advance you desire.  
Let the engine idle and without changing the distributor position check the advance at idle. Mine is 12-15 degrees at 900 RPM. 
Gary Hodson

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