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Kees Oudesluijs coudesluijs at chello.nl
Tue Apr 9 09:22:43 MDT 2019

Old British car manufacturer which was incorporated in Aston Martin. 
There was a spectacular Lagonda in the 70´s, the ultimate wedge with 
fully electronic dashboard which turned out to be a nightmare.

Kees Oudesluijs

Op 9-4-2019 om 15:12 schreef Robert Begani:
> More on electricity in the automobile.  The same friend has been 
> working to get his classic Lagonda automobile in top operating 
> condition and noticed that the starting was weak so he cleaned the 
> cables contacts etc.  Still not satisfactory, so he had the batteries 
> checked with a load test.  They were in good condition.  Then he began 
> to look at the ground strap.  It was not what he expected, small 
> diameter and screwed to the firewall.  So he ran a large gauge copper 
> wire directly to the engine and bolted the new ground wire directly to 
> the frame. Voila, the engine turns over rapidly.  Now he will consider 
> reinstalling his Aluminum Radiator. We AH owners are fortunate to have 
> a heavy ground strap from the engine to the frame, so our stray 
> electric problems could be largely eliminated. However, it is good to 
> check to see if it has a clean and secure connection to both sides 
> thereby insuring constant flow of electricity. A weak flow can create 
> a problem that you will attribute to a weak battery etc.
> Next question to start a thread, what is a Lagonda British Car for the 
> next trivia question?
> I never heard of it until Hermann bought one and brought it to the 
> U.S.  Probably, it is the only one in North America!
> Bob Begani
> BJ8
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> Interesting. In all the research and comments I read before buying the 
> radiator I never heard about rapid distruction. Only about how great 
> they were. Was planning to keep my oem unit. Now convinced I should.
> Thanks all.
> Ira Erbs
> Portland, OR
> typos and artifacts are the fault of my phone
> On Mon, Apr 8, 2019, 1:28 PM Michael Salter <michael.salter at gmail.com 
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>     Much and all as that sounds like a good theory I am having
>     difficulty with the logic.
>     A starter won't work if an engine isn't adequately grounded and a
>     ground of sufficient size to operate a starter will definitely be
>     big enough to eliminate any EMF difference between the engine and
>     the chassis.
>     I've had an aluminum radiator corrode to worthlessness after only
>     3 years, with corrosion inhibitors in the coolant, and have yet to
>     hear a realistic explanation for why it happened.
>     M
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