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More on electricity in the automobile.  The same friend has been working to get his classic Lagonda automobile in top operating condition and noticed that the starting was weak so he cleaned the cables contacts etc.  Still not satisfactory, so he had the batteries checked with a load test.  They were in good condition.  Then he began to look at the ground strap.  It was not what he expected, small diameter and screwed to the firewall.  So he ran a large gauge copper wire directly to the engine and bolted the new ground wire directly to the frame. Voila, the engine turns over rapidly.  Now he will consider reinstalling his Aluminum Radiator. We AH owners are fortunate to have a heavy ground strap from the engine to the frame, so our stray electric problems could be largely eliminated.  However, it is good to check to see if it has a clean and secure connection to both sides thereby insuring constant flow of electricity. A weak flow can create a problem that you will attribute to a weak battery etc.


Next question to start a thread, what is a Lagonda British Car for the next trivia question?

I never heard of it until Hermann bought one and brought it to the U.S.  Probably, it is the only one in North America!


Bob Begani



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Interesting. In all the research and comments I read before buying the radiator I never heard about rapid distruction. Only about how great they were.  Was planning to keep my oem unit. Now convinced I should.

Thanks all.

Ira Erbs
Portland, OR
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Much and all as that sounds like a good theory I am having difficulty with the logic. 

A starter won't work if an engine isn't adequately grounded and a ground of sufficient size to operate a starter will definitely be big enough to eliminate any EMF difference between the engine and the chassis. 

I've had an aluminum radiator corrode to worthlessness after only 3 years, with corrosion inhibitors in the coolant, and have yet to hear a realistic explanation for why it happened. 




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