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Chris Dimmock austin.healey at gmail.com
Tue Oct 30 17:16:43 MDT 2018

I've had this DWR pump in my engine now for 20 years. 
No issues. 
I echo Bob's comments. 

> On 30 Oct 2018, at 11:12 pm, <simon.lachlan at alexarevel.plus.com> <simon.lachlan at alexarevel.plus.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Has anyone got the Denis Welch oil pump ENG672M? See:-
> https://www.bighealey.co.uk/performance-parts/austin-healey/engines/3000-bottom-end?page=3
> Their text:- “Heat treated castings for longer life and removable gallery plugs to be sure it is clean are advantages of both types of oil pumps we offer. We recommend the high capacity for all road engines using a standard type crank up to 6000 rpm and the standard pump for race engines, steel cranks or anything over 6000 rpm. Both are precision machined and assembled in-house to control the highest quality.
> - ENG672 is the standard type.
> - ENG672M is the high capacity pump.”
> What are “removable gallery plugs”?
> Is it just me or is the above a bit counter-intuitive? “High capacity” for road cars and “standard” for race engines? Surely the highest capacity is needed where the engine is working hardest ie racing?
> And don’t I remember that, with the standard BMC pumps, the older type is reckoned to be better than the newer type? Is this something similar to Denis Welch’s two pumps?
> Anyhow, if anyone’s got one…..what’s it like? Did the oil pressure improve at all?
> I’m guessing that most people will have fitted one as part of a big rebuild thus they won’t have straightforward “before and after” comparisons. I’m thinking of fitting mine to my engine as part of a small winter project and hope I can squeeze a few more psi into the system.
> Thanks,
> Simon
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