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Larry Varley varley at cosmos.net.au
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As a matter of interest, from memory the Repco engine service manual says 10PSI oil pressure per 1000 RPM. As Mike says you need very little pressure at idle, there are plenty of engines that get as low as 10 PSI at idle. Also the 6 cylinder rotary oil pump is actually a version of the early Austin A70 oil pump. The outer ring is interchangeable. My Austin A70 Ute has one of these pumps and has hot oil pressure of 40 PSI at Idle and 70 PSI at 3000 RPM. Naturally pressure will change depending on the speed that the engine runs the pump at. Later A70’s and Healey 100’s seem to have all run the gear pump. It could simply be that it was cheaper to make, but it could also be that the rotary pump may consume more power, but as both pumps only deliver pressure up to the point the relief valves opens I doubt it. It is interesting that Austin decided that the same pump capacity was suitable for both the 4 and 6 cylinder engines.


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