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Yes, these are the absolute Go To people. Used to call themselves PamelaDavid and were pretty much non-digital.

They described my MkII badge as cloisonné but they may have assumed that I didn’t know the difference.

They were indeed backlogged but it was worth it. 6+/- weeks.



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While I normally wouldn't contradict Michael--he's a pro and I'm an amateur--that isn't correct.  What's in our badges--until late BJ8s anyway, which were painted--is Champlevé:


This is usually cited as the goto place for badge restoration, but I hear they are horribly backlogged:





On 10/17/2018 4:17 AM, Michael Salter wrote:

Bad news Lin, the red in the badges is not paint, it is cloisonné.
Thats a type of glass and paint just doesn't look the same.


There are places where you can get it redone.



On Tue, Oct 16, 2018, 10:16 PM Linwood Rose, <linwoodrose at mac.com> wrote:

So I have lost some paint from my  emblem. Anyone figured out what color to use to match?


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