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One of the details I document for each BJ8 in the registry is the type of nose badge it has.  As we know, later cars had painted badges and some owners have claimed that their badge was always plain chrome -- no color at all.  I started out describing the early badges as "cloisonné".  Then someone pointed out the difference between cloisonné and champlevé, so I changed all the nomenclature to champlevé.  Both cloisonné and champlevé refer to techniques, not the material -- which is vitreous enamel.  So, that is the description I'm using now.


The BMC parts manual gives only one part number for the BJ8 nose badge so there is no change point from one type of badge to another.  Recording this detail simply provides some data to help improve our knowledge of change points.


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Yes, these are the absolute Go To people. Used to call themselves PamelaDavid and were pretty much non-digital.

They described my MkII badge as cloisonné but they may have assumed that I didn’t know the difference.

They were indeed backlogged but it was worth it. 6+/- weeks.



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While I normally wouldn't contradict Michael--he's a pro and I'm an amateur--that isn't correct.  What's in our badges--until late BJ8s anyway, which were painted--is Champlevé:


This is usually cited as the goto place for badge restoration, but I hear they are horribly backlogged:





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