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Robert Begani rfbegani at gmail.com
Thu Oct 4 13:07:58 MDT 2018

Whatever Mark did on his last tweaking of the software/hardware for the
list, it worked. I am getting all messages delivered to my Healey folder via
Outlook.  No longer are they going to Spam, or not coming in at all.  Maybe
my messages to the list will be coming through also.  


Finally, got back to the fuel tank in the BJ8.  As you listeners may
remember, I discovered my fuel line is inside the boot with a 90 degree end
fitting welded to the frame.  So when I attached the new tank, the tank was
off the boot floor making the rubber gasket in the floor not able to seal
the separation and the tank almost a bubble out of level.  So I added
another layer of thick rubber seal and raised the tank at the rear 3/8 inch
using 2 teak slats I have in my boat stuff.  The tank is now secure and
level so I hope when it is filled, I can drive longer as before I was out of
gas at the ¼ tank mark. I doubt the fitting was installed by the previous
owner because the tank was original when I bought the care 35 years ago.  It
must have been installed by the factory differently than other Healey’s for
some reason? Also, the straps would have been too loose to hold down the
tank if I had changed the position of the fitting lower in the boot.


Bob Begani

BJ8 67

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