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What fun.  In case you didn't look it up a mangel-wurzel is a type of beet.

Regards, Mike

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> Old books are interesting.  I have a Civil Engineer's Handbook from 
> about 1850 that has things like how many nails in a keg, what a man 
> with a horse can accomplish, how big a hole two men can dig in a 
> day.............Good reading.
> Mike
> Yes, I’ve a little book here. Comes in a plastic case. 2.75” x 1.75”. 
> “Spon’s Engineer’s Tables For Civil and Mechanical Engineers, 
> Builders, Contractors, Plumbers Etc”
> 278 pages. I can barely read it with my specs on, barely find it 
> without. 1926. Such delights as “Blasting and Tunnelling”….imagine 
> going out with the team and saying “Gosh, we’ve got some unexpected 
> blasting and tunnelling to do. Don’t worry Jeeves; I’ve got my little 
> book.” Or, “Disinfection and Fumigation”, “Railway Curves” &, like 
> yours “Animal Power”. Another one I’ve just spotted..”Poisons and 
> their antidotes”.
> I would not be surprised if this was part of the kit that a young 
> District Commissioner would take with him when posted to 
> single-handedly run some vast part of the Empire.
> Referring to it again, you’ll be glad to know that it tells us that 
> one man can pull a one acre field of mangel-wurzels in 2.50 days. I 
> leave you to ponder on how long a day was, what is a mangel-wurzel and 
> is it worth pulling.
> Simon

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