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Old books are interesting.  I have a Civil Engineer's Handbook from about 1850 that has things like how many nails in a keg, what a man with a horse can accomplish, how big a hole two men can dig in a day.............Good reading.


Yes, I’ve a little book here. Comes in a plastic case. 2.75” x 1.75”. “Spon’s Engineer’s Tables For Civil and Mechanical Engineers, Builders, Contractors, Plumbers Etc”

278 pages. I can barely read it with my specs on, barely find it without. 1926. Such delights as “Blasting and Tunnelling”….imagine going out with the team and saying “Gosh, we’ve got some unexpected blasting and tunnelling to do. Don’t worry Jeeves; I’ve got my little book.” Or, “Disinfection and Fumigation”, “Railway Curves” &, like yours “Animal Power”. Another one I’ve just spotted..”Poisons and their antidotes”.

I would not be surprised if this was part of the kit that a young District Commissioner would take with him when posted to single-handedly run some vast part of the Empire.

Referring to it again, you’ll be glad to know that it tells us that one man can pull a one acre field of mangel-wurzels in 2.50 days. I leave you to ponder on how long a day was, what is a mangel-wurzel and is it worth pulling.


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