[Healeys] Restoring points to the SU fuel pump.

Michael Oritt michael.oritt at gmail.com
Mon Nov 12 10:00:48 MST 2018

I'd like to simply add in my experience:

I sent a double-headed SU pump I had acquired along the way to Dave Dubois
for converting to solid state and general reconditioning.
Everything came back on time and at promised price--no issues whatsoever
and Dave is a great resource.  I recommend him highly.

Best--Michael Oritt

On Sun, Nov 11, 2018 at 5:05 PM Albert Seminatore <alsemus1 at gmail.com>

> Kees Oudesluijs:  With all the confidence in the world I removed the
> points.  I have no idea where the wires go nor do I know how far down the
> points should be screwed.  If you have that info would you be kind enough
> to share it?
> The reason I went pointless was because my points kept failing.  When I
> removed them they were badly pitted and this was after less than 1000 miles
> of use.  In fact when I first installed this pump, a couple of years ago,
> the points were stuck before I even got to drive it.  Took about a year
> before the next occurrence but then it started to occur again and again.
> At this point I would be willing to put in an american made fuel pump it I
> could find one at reasonable cost.
> Maybe your suggestion of sending it to Dave is the best option at this
> time.  I'll decide that after I talk to SU on Monday.
> Thanks for all your help.....................   Al
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