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Yes, the nut is more recessed into the Pro Race damper than the original.
I've been using a spanner on the nut to turn the crank for adjusting
valves, and it doesn't appear I'll be able to do that anymore, at least as

I purchased a 1-11/16" socket and 1/2" drive to 3/4" drive adapter and was
able to unscrew the nut (after knocking back the bent-over lock washer)
with a long-handled torque wrench.  The socket and adapter came in handy
while pounding the damper onto the crankshaft, but the X-brace behind the
radiator makes pounding a bit difficult by restricting the space to swing
the hammer.  Once the damper appeared to reach the Woodruff key, I used the
socket and torque wrench on the nut to push the damper home.  I also marked
the position of the damper keyway on the hub to be sure that I could line
it up while the damper was hot.

Because of the deeper recess and the tight fit of the tabbed lock washer
into the recess, I could not figure out how to bend over the new washer, so
I just used it as a washer and used blue Loc-Tite on the shaft and nut
threads (as indicated by the instructions that came with the damper).

I had to file the diameter of the washer to get it to fit into the recess
at all.


Having done this job without removing the grille, I think I would remove it
if I had to do it again.  With the socket in the recess and an extension
long enough to reach beyond the grille opening, it would be much quicker
and easier to swing the hammer and drive the damper onto the shaft.


Steve Byers


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I’ve changed my mind and am going to get a Pro Race damper. 

I’ve removed that nut before as I recall. Years ago. I bought a great lump
of a (single-ended) spanner at a place that sold mainly army surplus stuff.
I put it on the nut and whacked it..hard. Worked fine.

It has 1⅛” BS on one side & 1”W on the other side.

It measures 1.68” or42.46mm. 

Looking at photos, I don’t think that I’ll be able to use that spanner to
do the nut up all the way once I’ve got the Pro Race onto the shaft.
Access….looks like the nut’s position is more recessed. I need a socket
of some kind.

1.	And I reckon that 1”W(hitworth) is the same size as a 111/16”AF.
Am I correct?
2.	What did you guys use?
3.	And I gather that the original washer won’t fit in the recess or
that one can’t get at it in order to turn one side up. What do you suggest?




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