[Healeys] 1959 100-6 -play in the steering.

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Car looks great. I like that colour scheme, (having opted for it myself).

If the thing is up and running, as it appears to be, I'd leave it alone for
a while...run it around/use it and discover what needs to be done rather
than what might need to be done. I wouldn't replace anything " for the sake
of it". Yes, I'd say that there are some things which would be replaced
automatically...all the rubber in the brake system etc. But otherwise, suck
it and see. These days, there's a chance that the things you replace are
better made and would last longer than their modern replacements. 

Good luck with it anyway,




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I have been restoring my BN4 and most everything has been updated except the
shocks, kingpins, and steering components.  There is some play in the
steering at highway speeds.  I have tightened the set screw in the gearbox
which has helped.  Any suggestions on which components to replace next?  The
kingpins seem tight.  Working on the tie rods, etc is new stuff for me.

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Chris Scholz OD

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