[Healeys] Carpet fit - on top of trans tunnel - BJ-8

Al Fuller al at bighealey.org
Thu Mar 22 14:03:56 MDT 2018

Steve - thanks.


What you see is Dynamat insulation, so yes, there is a slightly different
profile there from the Dynamat.


I worked on the carpet some, and I do see what you mean.  It does pull **
mostly ** into position, so I will see if I can snap it down.  It looks like
I have a big set of 'Veltex'-type carpet snaps [now, if only I can locate
the tunnel-side part of the snaps. :(].


Thanks.  It now looks like I might not have to slit the carpet, or if so it
should be minimal.


Al Fuller

al at bighealey dot org

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I believe I see a piece of bubble-wrap insulation peeking out from under the
carpet, Al.  

I have two or three typical carpet snaps along the lower edge on each side
of the tunnel near the floor.  With these, the carpet can be stretched some
and secured, which helps with smoothing out the carpet on the sides and top.


Most of the wrinkles I see in your carpet are near the top.  One large
buckle can be seen in the photo, on the side of the tunnel.  I would pull
the rear lower edge of the carpet (driver's side) to the rear to remove as
much of that wrinkle as possible, which will move the buckle toward the top
of the tunnel.  If that places the buckle under the console, you can make a
cut along the highest point of the buckle and then pull one edge of the cut
to the opposite side to reduce the buckle.  The overlap would show you where
to trim in order to have the cut edges butt together.

To do this right takes a bit of an "eye" and some practice, but I think you
could do it if you're careful. 


I don't recall if I glued the carpet to the tunnel at all but if I did it
was only on the top, and possibly along the curve of the hump on the
driver's side.  I used the snaps to secure it along the sides and bottom.
If gluing it, begin at the top and work your way gradually down the sides.
This will make the carpet fit better where it's visible, but you'll get some
wrinkles as you approach the floor.


Steve Byers


BJ8 Registry

AHCA Delegate at Large

Havelock, NC  



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Steve - thanks.  In my case, the person who did the initial build-up
installed the carpet.  I don't know its origin, but as you can see from the
pictures attached, it's already trimmed.


I will need to work out how to slit the carpet to get it to drape neatly on
the tunnel.  And as I indicated, the tunnel is lower and narrower than stock
- just making it all the more fun! :)


Al Fuller

al at bighealey dot org

'65 BJ-8

'85 Rx-7


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