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Do you have the ‘special’ nuts for bolting down the seats?  I can’t help you with the not lining up part, but if they don’t tighten up without washers, it sounds like you are missing some of the stack that makes up the seat mounting assembly.  There is usually a metal plate, the wood spacer [‘packing piece’] and the slide mechanism.  A nut with a long shoulder comes up through the floor of the car, through the metal and wood, and secures the slider.  Moss calls it a ‘T-Nut’.


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I recently tackled rewiring my dash with the help of sever of this listers. Thank you so very much. Two questions remain.  
1. The green light at the top of the dash has a plastic tub to connect into.  The wire harness has a multi-grip connector like the lights in the speedo and tack instruments and therefore no gripping ability to the green tube and no ground.  What am I missing?
2. The wire harness also does not have the wire or bulb holder to connect to the two smaller instruments for illumination.  What do I need and how do I wire these in?
On another note.  Can someone recommend where I can get the two cup like objects that hold the top in place while stored in the car on a BN-6.  I had them and can not find them-a real mystery.
Lastly, How are the seat slides replaced in the car.  The wood base  holes don.t line up with anything and don't tighten up without washers.  

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