[Healeys] Distributor cap and wires

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Elton. Make sure you have the screws backed right out so that the wires
insert all the way.  To be certain, stick a screwdriver or something into
one of the holes, measure the depth, and mark the depth on the wires,
perhaps with a piece of tape.  Then when you insert the plug wire you know
if you have it inserted all the way.  Then the screws should tighten in,
piercing the insulation and the copper core.

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Fellow Listers,
I recently purchased a new Lucas side entry distributor cap and new ignition
wires. I'm having no success in fastening the wires with the cap's screws.
The screws are right up against the bottom stops of the wire holes and the
screws have too little wire to bite into. Try as I might, the wires pull out
with no effort.  What am I missing? Should there be a thimble or sorts or
something over the wire's end for the screw to catch?
Thanks for your help.
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