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Looks to me not to be a “choke” but rather a moulded join in the cable – by perhaps a previous owner ?
BTW just being a little pedantic “chokes” are used with AC current only; there is no reason to install a resistor - you want minimum volt drop from batt. to solenoid as you discovered.

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A month or so ago I asked about an electrical issue I was having.  It was a no start issue but the car would start with a jumper cable from the battery to the starter solenoid.  After a great deal of testing, cussing and frustration, I found that with car jumped (see above) and the jumper cable removed, the battery was not being charged.  

I connected an 18 Gage wire to the battery and then to my volt meter and then to the solenoid.  I was touching the battery post and the center of the cable connector at the solenoid.  I would always get 12 volts before starting the car but the car would not start.

I discovered that the battery solenoid cable was badly corroded inside the connector and not passing current from the center of the actual cable to the connector.  So while I thought I had power thru the cable to the solenoid, I actually did not.  I replaced the entire cable and the car started instantly.  The battery was now also being recharged.

When I removed the original battery cable I discovered that behind the panel the cable passes thru at the battery, had what appeared to be some sort of electrical choke.  The "choke" is about 1 1/2" long and about 1" in diameter.  This "choke" appears to be burned or at least overheated in some manner.  I did not replace this"choke" and things seem fine.  Anyone know what this"choke" is all about?

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