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Hi Gary:


Thanks for the info I have tried to search in Tire Rack before without any luck.  Forgot the VW Ghia.  Do you know who makes the Classic Tire?


Bob Begani



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Or, if you don't want to spend the time and effort going through Hendrix -- though Allan's service is excellent --


You can search on tire rack for tires for a 1957 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia -- That will pop up 


Classic All-Season tires in a 16580R15T size for $82.85 per tire.


which can be shipped in just a day or two to an installer in your area, though you'll need to find a a shop that can still mount and balance tires on wire wheels.


Good luck,



Gary Anderson
Los Altos, California



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David ? I?d contact Allan Hendrix at Hendrix Wire Wheel. They will advise on tire choices, wheel choices, and they shave the tires so the assembly is round when you get it, too!

Al Fuller

'65 BJ-8

'85 Rx-7

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It is time to replace the tires on my Austin Healey - BJ8 with wire wheels. I am looking for some recommendations so any good advice is appreciated.


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