[Healeys] Conclave Drive

Kees Oudesluijs coudesluijs at chello.nl
Wed Jul 11 08:35:50 MDT 2018

Selecting the options "fastest route" and "avoid interstates/motorways" 
on the updated satnav (Tomtom, Garmin) has always worked for us in most 
of the USA and (a very small portion of) Canada). Mostly decent roads 
and little traffic. Lots of interesting places to see and proper places 
to eat and drink along the way. 600mls should be around 15-20hrs pure 
driving time this way. Driving that way is much more entertaining and 
pleasant than driving on the Interstates.

Be careful if you select the "shortest route", that may guide you to 
some very narrow roads, some of which may be dirt tracks.

The Interstates are much faster but very boring and tiring I find. 
Services are plentiful but not all that good and it may be easier to 
find a hotel/motel.

Kees Oudesluijs

Op 11-7-2018 om 14:47 schreef Ed Orr:
> The Ontario contingent (5 cars) for the Conclave drive to French Lick 
> met at our monthly Pub last night , we are unsure of the best route to 
> avoid Freeways where possible and still make reasonable time . From 
> the border crossing at Niagara Falls it’s about a 600 mile trip , we 
> have reservation for Sat night  in Delaware OH . From the border to 
> Cleveland we will take I-190 usually an easy drive with not heavy 
> traffic .
> We have been considering Route 42 , is that a good option .
> Ed Orr
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