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Michael Oritt michael.oritt at gmail.com
Mon Aug 20 11:30:38 MDT 2018


Thanks for the respond which, BTW, I received from your email address and
not via the list....

I'll try to go back through the "Bounce" alerts I have received over the
last few months--usually one every couple of weeks--and see if I can
establish some commonality amongst them whether from the sender(s) or the
server(s) or the subject(s) and report back.  Obviously my message to the
list got through as I received several "Welcome Back''s" along with
messages from former regular posters Steve Byers and Gary Hodson that they
are experiencing same or similar issues.

Like Steve I have taken my business to the BCF and AHX fora but I miss the
spontaneity and spirited exchange that this list offers--or offered.  Maybe
there is no free lunch but it was certainly good while it lasted.   Miss
you guys....

Best--Michael Oritt

On Mon, Aug 20, 2018 at 12:53 PM, <sentenac.rw at gmail.com> wrote:

> I can only offer a clue.  I opened a gmail account in order to avoid
> the bounces, and that helped me a lot (it doesn't appear to have
> helped you, though).  I can receive aol.com emails from Perry Small
> sent to me directly but every one that goes through 'healeys' gets
> bounced or, I guess,  has to be massaged manually by MJB before it
> comes to me a week or so later.  Since I do receive quite a lot of
> list email daily I usually get to read Perry's messages as quoted in
> someone else's reply.
> You appear to be getting practically all list email bounced and not
> delivered to you.  If you go to the trouble of reading the bounced
> emails perhaps you can discover something that you can do to reduce
> the number.  Gmail is certainly not going to go out of its way to help
> us.
> So, some combination of how aol.com formats its messages and how the
> Healeys list reformats them strikes gmail as bogus or spam.
> But if it is also bouncing emails not sent to the list via aol, then
> something else must be going on, and affecting you more than me.
> Perhaps your emails are being trapped by your email reader, and sent
> to trash, with only the aol's being bounced before they reach your
> reader?
> -Roland
> On Mon, 20 Aug 2018 06:34:49 -0400, you wrote:
> >For a while I just assumed that the volume of posts had simply fallen off,
> >that everyone's typical problems with overheating, oil leaks, etc. had
> >temporarily resolved themselves and the quantity of messages I received
> >would return to normal.
> >
> >But that was several months ago and the reduced volume of messages I was
> >receiving remained nil, sometimes none at all, for weeks at a time.
> >
> >Then I began to receive a "probe" message from "Healey-Bounces" telling me
> >the following:
> >
> >*"This is a probe message.  You can ignore this message.The Healeys
> mailing
> >list has received a number of bounces from you,indicating that there may
> be
> >a problem delivering messages tomichael.oritt at gmail.com
> ><michael.oritt at gmail.com>. A bounce sample is attached below.
> {snip}
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