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sentenac.rw at gmail.com sentenac.rw at gmail.com
Mon Aug 20 10:53:28 MDT 2018

I can only offer a clue.  I opened a gmail account in order to avoid
the bounces, and that helped me a lot (it doesn't appear to have
helped you, though).  I can receive aol.com emails from Perry Small
sent to me directly but every one that goes through 'healeys' gets
bounced or, I guess,  has to be massaged manually by MJB before it
comes to me a week or so later.  Since I do receive quite a lot of
list email daily I usually get to read Perry's messages as quoted in
someone else's reply.

You appear to be getting practically all list email bounced and not
delivered to you.  If you go to the trouble of reading the bounced
emails perhaps you can discover something that you can do to reduce
the number.  Gmail is certainly not going to go out of its way to help

So, some combination of how aol.com formats its messages and how the
Healeys list reformats them strikes gmail as bogus or spam.

But if it is also bouncing emails not sent to the list via aol, then
something else must be going on, and affecting you more than me.
Perhaps your emails are being trapped by your email reader, and sent
to trash, with only the aol's being bounced before they reach your


On Mon, 20 Aug 2018 06:34:49 -0400, you wrote:

>For a while I just assumed that the volume of posts had simply fallen off,
>that everyone's typical problems with overheating, oil leaks, etc. had
>temporarily resolved themselves and the quantity of messages I received
>would return to normal.
>But that was several months ago and the reduced volume of messages I was
>receiving remained nil, sometimes none at all, for weeks at a time.
>Then I began to receive a "probe" message from "Healey-Bounces" telling me
>the following:
>*"This is a probe message.  You can ignore this message.The Healeys mailing
>list has received a number of bounces from you,indicating that there may be
>a problem delivering messages tomichael.oritt at gmail.com
><michael.oritt at gmail.com>. A bounce sample is attached below.

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