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Sun Aug 19 14:01:27 MDT 2018

You may remember I asked recently about the cracked head on my BN2. The consensus was get a new one, which I have now done. So, Brand new Denis Welch ally head now fitted. Bearing in mind the car was running fine before ( the only noticeable issue was a weep from the head gasket) you can imagine my frustration when after the new head was fitted, it was running extremely rough and missing intermittently. Not being sure if it was electrical or fuel, I decided to look at fuel first - reason - the carbs were way out because they had previously been set up with one manifold drain open and one with the tube olive in place. Must have been like that for years. So having fitted both manifold drains properly, I got out the Colortune and carbalancer and set to work. All great for a short run and then missing again. Looked at the HT stuff. One HT plug cap on number 4 loose on plug. Fixed but no improvement. Took all the plugs out. Number 4 wet and looks like it's not firing. Ohms check on number 4 plug - very low reading shows insulation has broken down. Changed all four plugs for new NGKs. Running better but still not happy at high revs. Decided to fit new HT leads, condenser and points. While doing so, inside the distributor, found two original cloth covered wires, one which grounds the distributor base plate and the other which provides LT from the coil to the live side of the points, hanging by a thread from very poor crimps. Replaced both with new wire, soldered or ring crimped as necessary. At last! Sorted. I suppose I should be grateful it never let me down all those years. But isn't it funny how you fix something and a whole load of other problems surface?
Mike Brooks56 BN2Scotland

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