[Healeys] Unrelated faults

John Vrugtman javrugtman at htcnet.org
Sun Aug 19 18:38:36 MDT 2018

I think this is normal:-P

On 8/19/2018 4:01 PM, mike brooks wrote:
>     You may remember I asked recently about the cracked head on my
>     BN2. The consensus was get a new one, which I have now done. So,
>     Brand new Denis Welch ally head now fitted. Bearing in mind the
>     car was running fine before ( the only noticeable issue was a weep
>     from the head gasket) you can imagine my frustration when after
>     the new head was fitted, it was running extremely rough and
>     missing intermittently. Not being sure if it was electrical or
>     fuel, I decided to look at fuel first - reason - the carbs were
>     way out because they had previously been set up with one manifold
>     drain open and one with the tube olive in place. Must have been
>     like that for years. So having fitted both manifold drains
>     properly, I got out the Colortune and carbalancer and set to work.
>     All great for a short run and then missing again. Looked at the HT
>     stuff. One HT plug cap on number 4 loose on plug. Fixed but no
>     improvement. Took all the plugs out. Number 4 wet and looks like
>     it's not firing. Ohms check on number 4 plug - very low reading
>     shows insulation has broken down. Changed all four plugs for new
>     NGKs. Running better but still not happy at high revs. Decided to
>     fit new HT leads, condenser and points. While doing so, inside the
>     distributor, found two original cloth covered wires, one which
>     grounds the distributor base plate and the other which provides LT
>     from the coil to the live side of the points, hanging by a thread
>     from very poor crimps. Replaced both with new wire, soldered or
>     ring crimped as necessary. At last! Sorted. I suppose I should be
>     grateful it never let me down all those years. But isn't it funny
>     how you fix something and a whole load of other problems surface?
>     Mike Brooks
>     56 BN2
>     Scotland
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