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Lotus did indeed design and built the engine that went into the Jensen-Healey. Initially the gearbox came from Vauxhall while later cars were fitted with a ZF five-speed. It was the first modern DOHC four-valve engine built on a production line.

There were a few problems with the engine as Jensen pushed Lotus to supply the engine before it had sufficient testing. There were faults that came out in the hands of owners and subsequent expensive service claims. It was the costs to repair the engines that sent Jensen into the red.

However to drive a well sorted Jensen-Healey is a delight, especially one fitted with the ZF gearbox.

As to the Renault engine, I think you might be thinking of the S1 and S2 Lotus Europa that was fitted with a Renault 16 engine and gearbox that was turned around the other way than what it was in the Renault. Later Europas had the DOHC Lotus engine, but still with a Renault box.

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Blue Mountains, Australia

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Reading an issue of 'Old Cars Weekly,' I came across an article about 
the Lotus Elite.  It stated:

"... the new rear-drive 1974 Elite offered a front-mounted Lotus 
907-series 1973cc twin-cam four-cylinder engine.  In fact, it was the 
first Lotus to offer this potent mill.  This was essentially the same 
engine that the company supplied to Jensen Motors for its Jensen-Healey 
sports car."

I don't know much about the J-H, but I'd always heard it had an engine 
from Renault.  I doubt a small company like Lotus could design and build 
its own engine, was the short block supplied by Renault or did Lotus 
actually design and build an engine, and did it power the J-H?

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