[Healeys] Jensen-Healey Question

Kees Oudesluijs coudesluijs at chello.nl
Fri Aug 3 11:23:17 MDT 2018

The Lotus 907 DOHC 16 valve engine with twin Dell´Orto´s (twin 
Strombergs for the markets outside the UK) was the first engine designed 
by Lotus. There were several variants. It started with an atmospheric 
2.0 (907), later enlarged to 2.2 (910) and finally a turbo charged 2.2 

It started with the 16 valve head. By coincidence it had the same 
spacing between the 4 cylinders as the slant-4 1.6/1.8/2.0/2.3 Vauxhall 
engine. They used the 2.0 bottom end to test the head and even build a 
racing engine that way. Around 1971 they developed their own alloy 
engine block, also slanted. However they kept a few items of the 
Vauxhall block: crankshaft and flywheel.

The later V8 was in fact two 912 engines with a common crankcase.

I have a Jensen-Healey and the Lotus 907 engine, when tuned properly 
with 45mm Dell´Orto´s, develops around 160 BHP and can be taken up to 
about 280BHP.

The J-H always had the Lotus 907 engine.

The Lotus Europa had a Renault engine later replaced by a Ford based 
lotus Twin Cam.

Kees Oudesluijs

Op 3-8-2018 om 16:14 schreef Bob Spidell:
> Reading an issue of 'Old Cars Weekly,' I came across an article about 
> the Lotus Elite.  It stated:
> "... the new rear-drive 1974 Elite offered a front-mounted Lotus 
> 907-series 1973cc twin-cam four-cylinder engine.  In fact, it was the 
> first Lotus to offer this potent mill.  This was essentially the same 
> engine that the company supplied to Jensen Motors for its 
> Jensen-Healey sports car."
> I don't know much about the J-H, but I'd always heard it had an engine 
> from Renault.  I doubt a small company like Lotus could design and 
> build its own engine, was the short block supplied by Renault or did 
> Lotus actually design and build an engine, and did it power the J-H?
> Bob
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