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I think the problem with using an LED in the charge indicator (ignition) light is that it is wired to sense an imbalance in the charging circuit which means that the current could flow in either direction. If you look at the wiring diagram you will see that the charge indicator light is not grounded, but that one lead is connected directly to the hot (by design negative) side of the charging circuit while the other is connected to the hot side of the battery. when the generator is not charging the current flows from the battery to the charging circuit and lights the lamp. When the engine is running and the generator is operating the circuit is balanced and there is no flow in the circuit. If there is a fault in the charging circuit that causes the generator to overcharge it again unbalances the circuit in the reverse direction and causes the charge indicator light to glow.

An LED is a diode which means the current is only allowed to flow in one direction. Therefore it will either not work when the current flow is in the wrong direction, or if the current limit is exceeded it may be destroyed.

Bill Lawrence

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I have read the same thing about not using LED bulbs in the ignition and high beam indicators.  However, I did replace them in my 66 BJ8 and all seems well.  No problems at all.  Very easy to see during the day and at night.  The instruments are also easier to see at night, not bight white but still easier to see.


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I followed that thread with interest as my blue Main Beam and green Indicator were always pretty dim.

I decided to get some of those little bulbs if I could find them at a sensible price.

I decided to hunt down the size and reference of the bulb holder and then seek the appropriate LEDs.

The bulb holder is an E10. Over here at least one can buy 10 of the short flat ones for £12:95 inc P&P. The longer ones are a little more, but only pennies really.

I only point this out as people have been mentioning prices approaching that for one single bulb. Just to let you know……

Now, I’ve put the bulbs in and they make a noticeable difference to the Main Beam and the Indicator. The instruments? Not sure until I go out at night….they were OK anyhow. (I do hate fossicking around behind the instruments. Always worry that I’ll detach some vital wire or two.)

Question……haven’t I heard that LED bulbs aren’t suitable for the red Ignition light? Why? Is there a way of making them work there?



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