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We spent many many hours chasing this problem on several different cars. Everything from Healey, Triumph and MGs.
The final find was that they were leaning out at high steady RPMs. And the Healey Tri Carb was the worst.

The cure after many attempts was found that due to the Ethanol in the fuel the engine was progresivly getting leaner and leaner the higher the rpm range. This was found by installing a O2 sensor in the tail pipe and monitoring the mixture while driving.  So what we ended up doing to cure the problem was to install Rich Needles and instantly the problem went away.

David Nock
British Car Specialists

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Subject: [Healeys] SU fuel pump --thanks!

HI all, just wanted to give thanks to all the very knowledgeable listers who give so freely of their time and expertise. I hope to   have cured my higher rev range fuel starvation problem and I must give thanks to Kees for pointing me in the right direction with a comment he made on June 26
" The AZX1307 is not the correct pump for the AH. The original on later cars was AUF300 series, mostly 301 but there are some variations. The replacement of the AUF301 is AZX1308 which delivers a higher pressure, if my memory is correct 3,8psi versus 2,7psi" 
That is when the figurative bulb over my head went on! I had replaced the fuel pump a couple of years ago but had not connected the 2 events ( fuel starvation and the new pump)
I checked on my car and sure enough, I had the AZX1307 . I ordered  the AZX1308 and have just installed it --will try it out tomorrow once I am sure there are no leaks 
once again , thanks to all!
Golden BC
1962 Tricarb

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