[Healeys] LED Running/Stop Bulbs

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Wed Sep 20 17:28:09 MDT 2017

Likely--they are diodes after all.

On 9/20/2017 4:26 PM, WILLIAM B LAWRENCE wrote:
> Maybe the voltage differences weren't enough to damage it. And you 
> probably wouldn't notice if it just didn't work at times. It would 
> work as long as the current was flowing in the right direction and 
> with enough voltage to turn it on.
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> Thanks, Bill.  Makes sense, but I ran with the LED for many hours and 
> it didn't die.  Maybe I'm more balanced than I thought ;)
> On 9/20/2017 4:17 PM, WILLIAM B LAWRENCE wrote:
>> The charge indicator light works by balancing two hot side (negative 
>> in your case) inputs. If one side goes out of balance the current 
>> flows from the hot side to the low side and lights the lamp. That 
>> means that the polarity changes as conditions change. LEDs are diodes 
>> which are polarity sensitive and will not function and 
>> will possibly be destroyed by reversed polarity.
>> Bill Lawrence
>> BN1 #554
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>> I've got LED backlights in my instruments--except for the charge/cutoff
>> indicator*--and would like to put them in my running/nav/brake lights.
>> The correct incandescent bulb is an 1157, and I've found lots of LED
>> 1157s on the 'net, but they're all neg. ground and my cars are both pos.
>> ground (and I'm not interested in changing to neg. ground).  Anyone
>> found pos. ground 1157 red bulbs anywhere?   I'm aware you need to
>> increase the load with resistors, or change to a solid state flasher.
>> TIA,
>> Bob
>> * anyone know why you shouldn't use an LED here?  I ran one for a while
>> and noticed no issues, but Moss and others are adamant you shouldn't 
>> do it

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