[Healeys] Tires, redux

HealeyRick healeyrik at gmail.com
Sat Nov 4 10:30:18 MDT 2017

Shouldn't someone who has tracked down a set of original Road Speeds that
they use only for display get some kind of credit for having a car more
close to original standards?  I know the original tires are still out there
and some people have sets they only use for judging.  Here's a pic of one I
took recently.  If the idea is to present the car as manufactured, why
would an exception be made just because the original part is now hard to
find?  I agree folks shouldn't be driving on old tires, but a second set
could always be shipped to the judging location to be shown with the car.
How about taking no deduction for the original tires, then taking
increasing deductions for non-original sizes, radials, etc.?  BTW, I have
no dog in this fight nor a secret cache of Road Speeds, but if something is
unavailable or hard to get, it seems to me that those that have the
original should not be dragged down to the level of everyone else.  It's
like rubber floor covering for Bugeyes that is basically unobtanium.
Shouldn't a car like Biff's Ole Grey (I know, it's a Mk II) with the
factory mats be scored higher than a car with cut pile rugs?

Best regards,
Rick Neville

On Thu, Nov 2, 2017 at 5:24 PM, <editorgary at aol.com> wrote:

> We're updating the Inspection Policies and Restoration Guidelines for the
> Austin-Healey Concours Registry and are considering changing the policies
> regarding tires to indicate that currently available 165/80R15s are the
> preferred size and style of tires, with no consideration of brand. We are
> also becoming stricter about insisting that cars presented for inspection
> must have five tires of matching size and brand that are all less than 10
> years old. We've found that the preferred tires are readily available from
> Tire Rack, Coker Tire and other sources in that size, as Pirelli
> Cinturatos, Michelin XZX, and several generic brands (such as Classic), all
> of which are safe for long-distance touring and highway cruising.
> I thought I would ask if people with concerns about restorations to
> vintage appearance have any questions or suggestions to offer?
> G.
> *Gary Anderson*
> Los Altos, California
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