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Remove the cable housing at the back of the speedo and pull the cable out. Have a rag or paper towel handy to catch the cable lubricant, if there is any. If it is broken, you will know it because each end should be the same. You should do this anyway to check the cable length, which could vary regardless of what the parts manual, Moss catalog or whatever states. You can check the cable to find out if it is good by putting it on a flat surface and rolling it with the palm of your hand. If it hops, it is damaged, replace it. I don’t know what damages it, perhaps bending the housing too much. So, best to replace the housing too. 


John Spaur


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Interestingly, the speedo was working fine, until one day it didn't.  No warning.  I decided to unhook the connection at the back of the speedo and see if the square end of the cable was rotatable.  To my surprise, the entire cable was not even connected to the speedometer.  Just hanging loose.  Since it takes quite a few turns to screw it on, this seems odd.  Connecting it did not solve the problem.  Anyway, the cable itself turns quite easily; does this mean the cable itself is broken?  If so, I will have to pull each end out separately.  It's a real pain to get under the car, as it is an inch off the ground (it seems), and I am more than an inch thick.  Working from the top as Bob suggested sounds better.



On 5/28/2017 7:18 PM, John Spaur wrote:

Not sure what it takes to get to the back of the speedo but on my BT7 I
unscrew the cable housing and pull out the cable. A new one can be slipped
in if the housing is good.
'62 BT7
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Finally a question I can help with!  As a new Healy owner I've been lurking
on the list for the past few weeks, soaking up the questions and answers as
best a new Healy owner can.
Answer to your question Mike : from above.  Definitely.  Take the seats out,
remove the radio console and transmission tunnel, and all is exposed.  Did
this earlier today on our BJ8 to replace a missing engine/bell housing bolt
and did not take too long at all.
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Any hints on replacing the speedometer cable on my BJ8?  From above or

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