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This is a follow-up to this thread.

The "washer-adaptor to gearbox", #48, Washer 3H 550, in the diagram appears much larger than the threaded and knurled connector that threads onto the transmission.  This is probably because it is not necessarily to scale.  

In a baggie of parts from an old right angle drive, I found a small "washer".  It is brass, .642" OD (about 5/8 to 41/64 inch),  .388" (about 3/8 to 25/64 inch) ID, and .025 " (about 1/64 to 1/32 inch) thick.  It has four notches around the outside edge.  It drops nicely into the brass connector.  If this was a substitute solution to the problem, was it adequate?  On that old drive, the square piece that is attached to the gear and goes into the transmission is broken off.  That appears to be the failures that were occurring.  Maybe that brass washer wasn't thick enough. 

In looking back at old e-mails (2009)., I find that there were comments about putting a washer in the connection at the speedometer to relieve any tension due to the cable being too long which appeared to be a problem at the time.

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