[Healeys] This has me stumped!

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Sat May 20 07:50:26 MDT 2017

Hello, Healeyphiles -


This is an MG Midget, but the wiring is similar to a Healey.  I cannot
figure this one out.  The situation:


1.  I am reassembling the car after a total repaint.

2.  During disassembly, the molded plastic connectors in each of the
headlamp harnesses crumbled, so I replace both harnesses with new ones from

3.  Because the headlamps were mis-matched and one had no high beams, I
replaced both headlamps with new ones. (NOTE:  the left lamp high beam did
not work in the car with the old harness, but I just checked the bulb
directly to the battery and both beams worked).

4.  I drove the car to a location where I could adjust the headlamp aiming
according to instructions at danielsternlighting.com.  Both lights worked on
both high and low beams.

5.  When I finished the aiming procedure, I turned off the headlamp switch
before starting the car to drive home.  That's the last I have seen of
either the high or low beams.  Fortunately, it was not too dark to see and
less than a half-mile to home down a neighborhood street.

6.  I have checked the headlamp wiring end-to-end per the BMC wiring
diagram.  With the headlamp switch on, I have 13 volts at all locations
checked:  headlamp switch blue wire to turn signal switch (power input),
turn signal switch blue/white wire (high beam circuit), turn signal switch
blue/red wire (low beam circuit), 13 volts to both circuits at the headlight
connector of the new harness (since neither light is working, I am only
troubleshooting the right one so far).  

7.  Continuity of ground at the headlight connector. 

8.  The light (both high and low beams) burns brightly if I connect its
terminals directly to the battery.  I also plugged in both the old bulbs,
for what that's worth, and neither of them worked. 


So, the new headlamp is good, I have 13 volts at both high and low beam
terminals of the new harness and continuity of ground.  I can also measure
13 volts on the lamp terminals with it plugged into the harness.  What is
the problem?


Thanks for any suggestions!


Steve Byers


BJ8 Registry

AHCA Delegate at Large

Havelock, NC  

TARHEELY license plate


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