[Healeys] This has me stumped!

Oudesluys coudesluijs at chello.nl
Sat May 20 09:34:10 MDT 2017

Probably some earth connection. check with the negative pole (negative 
earth car I presume) of the battery, not with chassis earth. May be the 
earth strap engine-chassis is gone. In my mind it must be a wiring problem.
Kees Oudesluijs

Op 20-5-2017 om 15:50 schreef BJ8Healeys:
> Hello, Healeyphiles -
> This is an MG Midget, but the wiring is similar to a Healey.  I cannot 
> figure this one out.  The situation:
> 1.  I am reassembling the car after a total repaint.
> 2.  During disassembly, the molded plastic connectors in each of the 
> headlamp harnesses crumbled, so I replace both harnesses with new ones 
> from Moss.
> 3.  Because the headlamps were mis-matched and one had no high beams, 
> I replaced both headlamps with new ones. (NOTE:  the left lamp high 
> beam did not work in the car with the old harness, but I just checked 
> the bulb directly to the battery and both beams worked).
> 4.  I drove the car to a location where I could adjust the headlamp 
> aiming according to instructions at danielsternlighting.com.  Both 
> lights worked on both high and low beams.
> 5.  When I finished the aiming procedure, I turned off the headlamp 
> switch before starting the car to drive home.  That's the last I have 
> seen of either the high or low beams.  Fortunately, it was not too 
> dark to see and less than a half-mile to home down a neighborhood street.
> 6.  I have checked the headlamp wiring end-to-end per the BMC wiring 
> diagram.  With the headlamp switch on, I have 13 volts at all 
> locations checked:  headlamp switch blue wire to turn signal switch 
> (power input), turn signal switch blue/white wire (high beam circuit), 
> turn signal switch blue/red wire (low beam circuit), 13 volts to both 
> circuits at the headlight connector of the new harness (since neither 
> light is working, I am only troubleshooting the right one so far).
> 7.  Continuity of ground at the headlight connector.
> 8.  The light (both high and low beams) burns brightly if I connect 
> its terminals directly to the battery.  I also plugged in both the old 
> bulbs, for what that's worth, and neither of them worked.
> So, the new headlamp is good, I have 13 volts at both high and low 
> beam terminals of the new harness and continuity of ground.  I can 
> also measure 13 volts on the lamp terminals with it plugged into the 
> harness.  What is the problem?
> Thanks for any suggestions!
> Steve Byers
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