[Healeys] Selecting a replacement CAM for BJ8

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Fri May 12 11:09:58 MDT 2017

I'm running a DWR1 cam in my BJ8; about 250 miles so far.  It pulls 
smooth--even with a 3.54 rearend--from idle up to 4K RPM, but seems to 
run out of breath much above 4,500 (not that I go there often anyway).  
One thing that I noticed, and didn't expect, is that when I decelerate 
in gear it seems to 'come off the cam' at about 2,500RPM or so; my 
Mustang GT does this quite noticeably at about 1,800RPM, but it has 
variable cam timing.

My engine builder commented on the light ring loading from my 85mm DWR 
pistons; that, and their lighter weight and 3-ring design I believe 
reduce internal friction quite a bit.

As (bad) luck would have it, I cracked my pan and had to pull it for 
repair, so got a couple shots of the cam and pistons in situ.


On 5/12/2017 7:08 AM, Bruce Steele wrote:
> According to the DWR website, any of their cams other than the DWR1 
> require releaving the pistons.  My engine was just finished with a 
> DWR1 cam with his bucket followers and lifters, and I’ve had a DWR 
> high capacity oil pump for years.  I also had DWR 85mm pistons 
> installed.  Unfortunately it is not yet back in the car so I can’t 
> give you any driving impressions.  You can talk to Dave Nock, though; 
> he runs a DWR1 cam, as I recall.
> Bruce Steele
> Brea, CA
> 1960 BN7
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> Hi all,
> A few weeks back I mentioned to the list that I’m considering using a 
> Welch DWR8 cam.  Based on responses and more research I think I will 
> go with the DWR1 with the bucket followers and longer pushrods. I also 
> plan to use the high capacity pump on my mostly stock engine.
> I was considering using the roller rockers, but am not sure if that’s 
> going to make any significant improvement. I know it will buy a couple 
> of ponies due to less friction, but is there any other significant 
> advantage on a basically stock engine. Would I be wasting my money on 
> something fancy that really has modest benefit? The DWR1 cam provides 
> 0.252” cam lift. According to Welch, the valve lift with standard 
> rockers would be 0.358”, and would not need pockets machined into the 
> block. Based on the 1.65:1 ratio of the roller rockers, the valve lift 
> will be 0.416”. I believe that will require pockets in the block.
> Does anyone have opinions on this combination? The roller rocker 
> assembly is over $1200 not including getting into the US from the UK. 
> Is there a better place in the engine  to spend those dollars?
> Thanks all!!
> Dave
> 64 BJ8
> 72 XJ6
> 72 Bonneville

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