[Healeys] Dynalite or which alternator to C42 Generator

Chris Dimmock austin.healey at gmail.com
Mon May 1 07:42:20 MDT 2017

The funniest thing I find about the "alternator inside a generator" conversions is the bloody pulley. It might look like a generator body - but you have to run a tiny pulley, because it needs a bucket load of revs to generate didly squat, more than a generator. 
Any good Lucas generator runs a Larger pulley - because it generates enough amps and stuff at low revs. Seriously men. Who revs their car past 5,000 rpm on the road? 
I run a C42 with a bigger DWR Pulley. 
That means I'm slowing down the old Lucas C42. Because it already generates enough power. 
Ok. I'm not running a 1,000 watt sound system or 4 IPods, and a grille full of spotlights. FFS - it's a Healey!!
So if you run one of these alternator inside a generator silly things, it's a joke. You've got a fake, compromised alternator. Immediately identified by the pulley. An alternator needs air for cooling. A generator casing doesn't provide that. 
Run one or the other. Generator or alternator. I've got no issue if you run an alternator. Run a good, sensible, reliable one. 
Nearly as stupid as putting a disc brake inside a brake drum. Same issue. 
Innovative- but it doesn't work unless all you do is drive to a coffee shop. 
Simon. Just get a C42 and return the core when you get back. 
Best Chris
Being Grumpy about modern shit. 

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> On 1 May 2017, at 3:54 am, Simon Lachlan <simon.lachlan at homecall.co.uk> wrote:
> My nephew’s generator issues may resolve themselves soon. May…….
> We may look at replacing the C42 in his BJ8 with an alternator, one of the generator lookalikes.
> Dynalite is one of the names I’ve come across, as sold by Holden’s. The Usual Suspects don’t seem to give their lookalikes their brand names.
> Anyhow, I know this topic came up a few months back, but I wasn’t interested then! So:-
> Does anyone have experience of these things?
> Is any brand better than another??
> Etcetc.
> Holden’s claim 45amps for theirs. AHSpares claim 50amps. A BJ8’s C42 generator kicks out 30amps max. It seems that one does need the BIG fuse in the Dummy Control Box. When I put in my alternator, a Lucas ACR, I put in an extra cable to carry the extra amps…….apparently if the alternator is really belting out the amps, the old wiring is a bit marginal.
> Any other thoughts?
> Kind advice to the effect that putting more modern electrics in our old bangers is streng verboten is unnecessary at this time.
> Thanks,
> Simon
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