[Healeys] Dynalite or which alternator to C42 Generator

Steve B. Gerow steveg at abrazosdata.com
Mon May 1 13:54:02 MDT 2017

Healey folks,

I have in my posession a brand-new AccuSpark Stealth Dynamator which failed after about 20 minutes of driving on the freeway. According to the auto electric guy, the internal regulator “crib-deathed”, allowing continuous full charging, which in turn fried the stator windings.

He also said the design is a copy of the original late-'60s VW & Porsche Bosch first-generation alternators which looked the same as the previous generators.

Dynamator sent my friend a new one with no hassles and no retun of the old one, which I now have.

Physically, the product appears to be well-built.

I have three southern-Calif friends who've mounted Dynamators within the last 6 months. They've been doing short drives – no big road trips yet. 

IMO we'll have to wait for the results of this summer's hot weather and long drives to see how they work out.

In the meantime, one should approach the Dynamator as a “science project”:

Before use, have an auto-electric shop test it to make sure the regulator is good

Fully charge your battery before use.

Dynamator suggests you use your original fan and pulley – IMO it's better to replace the pulley with a smaller alternator-sized pulley to get higher speed.

Add a voltmeter so you can observe the performance.

Do short drives with an eye on the voltmeter. 

Don't trust it for a long drive until you've done some day trips in hot weather.

At some point, I'll probably get mine re-wound, which is economically feasable due to the “free” cost.

FWIW - I'm currently running a Denso “Mini-Chevy” alternator, which I would keep in the boot as a spare when using the Dynamator.

Steve Gerow
Altadena, CA, USA
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