[Healeys] Caliper Piston Dustcover

Mike Tobin ahbt71 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 26 17:33:41 MDT 2017

Hi, If anyone is still out there.
I got the caliper apart and cleaned (thanks all) and now I'm having trouble
getting the pistons in with the dust covers.
I can get the piston in or I can get the dust cover seated in its slot in
the cylender.  I can't get both.
If I put the piston in first I can't get the cover into its slot.  If I put
the cover in first I can't keep it in position and while installing the
I know I've done this back in the day and I don't remember having any
problem (or maybe I just said "Screw It!" and only fit the cover to the
Mike Tobin,
Townsend, Montana
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