[Healeys] Caliper Piston Dustcover

glemon at neb.rr.com glemon at neb.rr.com
Sun Mar 26 22:15:50 MDT 2017

Mike, I had the same issue on my TR250 (same brakes as a BJ8).  Spent  the better part of a Saturday trying to get them on, got a couple on, tore a couple, ordered another kit.

The new kit was much easier, though still a bit finicky, the rubber was slightly thinner and it made everything fit much better.  I don't remember where I sourced either, but the first set was obviously not that well made.

Also if you are working with used parts make sure the grooves and everything are cleaned out very thoroughly.

Greg Lemon
68 TR250

---- Mike Tobin <ahbt71 at gmail.com> wrote: 
> Hi, If anyone is still out there.
> I got the caliper apart and cleaned (thanks all) and now I'm having trouble
> getting the pistons in with the dust covers.
> I can get the piston in or I can get the dust cover seated in its slot in
> the cylender.  I can't get both.
> If I put the piston in first I can't get the cover into its slot.  If I put
> the cover in first I can't keep it in position and while installing the
> piston.
> I know I've done this back in the day and I don't remember having any
> problem (or maybe I just said "Screw It!" and only fit the cover to the
> piston).
> Cheers,
> Mike Tobin,
> Townsend, Montana

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