[Healeys] Phenolic spacers

Michael Oritt michael.oritt at gmail.com
Sat Mar 25 08:00:49 MDT 2017


To clarify, the kit came with four phenolic blocks or spacers.

Two are square with scalloped sides and four holes and mount between  the
carbs and the intake manifold face.

Two more are diamond shaped with two holes each to accept bolts to mount
either air cleaners or a CAB.

I assume they would provide some insulating value to minimize heat transfer
from the carb body to the filter or CAB but I really cannot see that this
would have any effect on the temperature of inlet air.

Best--Michael Oritt

On Sat, Mar 25, 2017 at 7:48 AM, Bob Haskell <rchaskell at earthlink.net>

> Michael,
> The the phenolic spacers are insulators.  On other cars they would be
> installed between the manifold and the heat shield and/or the heat shield
> and the carbs.
> But these match the CAB side of the carb body, not the manifold side?
> Interesting.
> Not much help, sorry.
> Cheers,
> Bob Haskell
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> On 03/24/2017 10:40 PM, Michael Oritt wrote:
>> I am reinstalling the H6 carbs after rebuilding them and I hope to wrap
>> up everything tomorrow. The Moss kit came with two phenolic spacers
>> about 3/8" thick that mount to the outer face of the carburetor bodies,
>> assumedly between the face and the air cleaners.
>> My car is a Le Mans and cold air box was mounted directly to the carbs
>> without any blocks. Using them would make it just that much more
>> difficult to get the cold air box and the hose and hose adaptor in
>> place. It would also result in the fuel bowl overflow tubes not reaching
>> the grommeted holes in the box.
>> What function do the blocks serve, are they normally found when CAB's
>> are mounted (as opposed to air cleaners) and if so what harm might be
>> caused by not using them?
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